Who Was Eva Blake?

A new exhibit at the Meredith Historical Society for 2022

The Meredith Historical Society is dedicated to sharing ourlocal stories, of which there are many to be told from our attic. 2022 brought the idea that we should celebrate the 1920s and that women in our town first voted at the old Town Hall (now the health food store on Main Street.)

This story began with two dresses. They were selected to show off the ’20s decade from our extensive clothing collection to celebrate 102 years of the vote for women. What we didn’t know was that awaiting us was a treasure trove of stories, not only about the owner of the dresses but about the women of the 1920s who lived in Meredith. They were doctors, teachers, poets, writers, editors, trustees and suffragettes.

Visit the second floor of Meredith Historical Society 45 Main Street and find out more.